Managing Director's Message

At the launch of this invigorating edition of the fountain head
PRERNA I congratulate the Editorial Board in bringing fourth an
exceptional issue where in the district view of our student are articulated and their creative prowess is amplified in full measure. The school magazine also immortalizes and firmly etches that rare moment in the life of every IPEANS which would have been otherwise forgotten. The school journal also exhibits the human striving fore perfection and I see that happening with every passing year.A special mention for the various Deptts of the school for chiseling the uniqueness of our student. For it is only through flight of fantasy that we human dare to rise above the ordinary their creativity amply reflected in this magazine. The ‘PRERNA’ then is not just template to showcase our strength but also symbolic of PRERNA encouragement the fountain of pure excellence.Friends, the vast gamut of human experience tell us that while high achievement and merit are generic truth of our existence these alone are not enough for a successful life.

It is in fact our co-scholastic skills interpersonal relationship self confidence self discipline team work- that take us far ahead. Therefore we at IPS envision learning beyond classroom be it on the play field, during expedition or while travelling in order to fan fan the human spirit of enquiry and curiosity and to use these collectivity experience in moldings and their personality and inner sensibilities. The school provides an array of facilities and multiple avenues for training with this wide spectrum, student encouraged by their parents must make maximum use of these opportunities because whatever learn it childhood and during these formative year can be expanded but it becomes increasingly difficult to acquire new skill as be grow and age. After all the child’s mind is a tabula rasa where early sense impressions and cognitive receptions go a long way in sculpting his or her character.
Remember we are responsible for our lives.Our lives are a throbbing message to the world, a testimony, a legacy that shall remain long after we are gone.In the words of Norman Cousins-

"Death is not the greatest loss in life."

- Mr. Sunil Bhadana
(Managing Director, Lakkarpur)