Rules & Regulation

Students should reach the school five minutes before the first bell.

Any damage done by a pupil to building, library, furniture, apparatus, or any other school property will
have to be compensated by their guardian / parents.

The school will not be liable for any damage / charges on account of injuries, fatal accident which may be sustained by the student at any time during his/her stay in the school or while taking part in sports / games or while traveling in school bus and other forms of activities of the school within or outside the school premise

If a child remains absent for 6 consecutive days without intimation, his/her name will be struck of the rolls and will be re-admitted on payment of readmiS5ion fee. In all cases of leave or absence, prior permission from the principal should be obtained. However, granting of permission is entirely at the discretion of the Principal.

Students are bound to obey their class monitors.

If you find that your ward is not assigned homework or unable to follow the lesson, the Principal should be contacted.

Every student is bound to follow the rules of the school.

Loitering on the way when coming to school or returning home is totally discouraged. Students are answerable to school authorities for their conduct inside and outside the school.