Scheme of Examination

A student has to register at least 80% of the attendance during the academic year to become eligible to
appear in the Annual Examination.

Absence from a test involves the loss of marks/grades in that subject and excludes the student from prizes/scholarship/promotion in the next higher class.

Student absent from an examination/test may not be re - examined.

Final assessment will be based on the marks obtained in the periodic tests and the final examination.

A student will be examined through four Formative Assessment/Unit Tests and two Summative Assessment /Terminal Tests and class tests(Pre­Nursery to XI).

Promotion to the next higher class will depend upon a child's overall performance throughout the year.

A candidate must obtain not less than 'D' grade (Vl-X) and'C' grade (PreNursery-V) to get promotion in the next higher class. For XI&XII, the student must obtain not less than 33% marks in each subject to pass the examination.

A child will be considered for Re-Test/Re-Examination (if the performance is not found satisfactory only) at the discretion of the examination committee/Principal.